Insurance telematics

Enhance your driving risk assessment strategy and help your customers improve their driving behaviour.

  • Introduction

    Are you an insurance company looking to offer Usage Based Insurance (UBI) to private drivers or fleet operators? TomTom can help. Our end-to-end insurance telematics solutions are designed to help you create a tailored UBI programme, while empowering your customers to actively improve their driving behaviour. As your risk assessment improves, so does your customers’ driving style. The result: fewer road accidents, lower insurance claims and increased profitability for your business.

  • Highlights

    TomTom UBI solutions give policyholders immediate feedback on their driving performance, motivating them to drive safely. By sharing this vehicle usage and driver behaviour data with insurance companies, policyholders can prove they are low risk, which may bring down their insurance premiums. In turn, this enables insurance companies to reduce their costs, offer more competitive premiums and provide additional telematics-based services.

Fairer insurance premium
Real time driving feedback
Less risk driving
Roadside assistance
Detailed risk assessment
Lower claims
Lower costs
Customer loyalty
Customer interaction
Shorter information flow

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