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PRO 9150 - Highlights

Get a wider view on savings with the 5" screen of the . It's is the perfect business partner for the road, designed to save time and money whilst keeping your mobile workers safe during their duties on the road. Especially useful if your business involves multiple drivers moving between different vehicles and you need a versatile solution that can move with them.

  • A clearer view on efficiency

    The 5" screen gives your drivers clear visual instructions to navigate in as little time and as fuel efficient as possible to your customers. The larger screen means your drivers can do their admin task on the device with greater ease. Scrolling menu's, reporting working time, sending messages, it's easy with the .

  • Worker's companion

    The is extremely easy to use, you don't even have to read the manual. The device gives drivers the best route no matter the time of day and re-routing them if there are problems ahead. It provides spoken instructions, so they can keep their eyes on the road, and a reliable ETA.

  • Connect to the office

    Being part of WORKsmart™, is connected to the office, giving real-time information allowing the manager to track each vehicle, send the best placed person for each job. All the mileage, working hours, and fuel efficiency data is collected and feed to WEBFLEET® allowing for an easy visualisation and creation of smart reports.

    Vehicle tracking – Fleet trackingJob dispatchTime managementTraffic avoidance

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