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Fleet management from TomTom can help you leave a great impression on your customers. Our smart order dispatch processes and practices will help you stay reliable and efficient.

  • Dynamic workflow

    For efficient yet flexible order dispatch and handling, WORKsmart™ fleet management has everything you need. It all starts with the digital map, which helps you to track the location of your teams in the field, and decide who to allocate to a new job. You can then send out written information about the job, straight to the driver's TomTom PRO device, before monitoring the route they take to the customer. And for added peace of mind, WORKsmart will give you a status update to confirm the job is complete.

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  • Efficient communications

    Stop making costly, time-consuming phone calls to your fleet, and introduce a quicker, safer way to communicate with WORKsmart-Job. It lets you send text and order messages straight to your drivers' devices, with all the details they need - from order type, to address, contact information and special instructions. And it lets your drivers reply to the office with their own written messages, or save time through pre-set status messages - as well as pre-set alerts should their vehicle break down.

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  • Increased productivity

    Because WORKsmart is an entirely digital way to manage your fleet, it collects a wealth of data - data that can enhance the performance of your whole business. WORKsmart keeps fleet management data for the previous 90 days which can be downloaded as reports - either on an ad-hoc basis, or emailed to you at set junctures. You can also extract the raw data for your own analysis. This can support smarter working across your business - from daily administration to strategic decision-making.

  • WORKsmart™-Job

    By combining the right in-vehicle devices with WEBFLEET - our innovative online fleet management tool, that delivers real-time information to operators and dispatchers - you can build a fleet management solution that's perfect for you. And our devices ensure your drivers can receive orders and instructions from the office quickly and efficiently. To give you the most extensive set of features as part of WORKsmart-Track and WORKsmart-Eco, we recommend the TomTom PRO 7100 device coupled with the TomTom LINK. But if you can't install new hardware into your vehicles - or your drivers need to move between different vehicles regularly - we offer the highly versatile TomTom PRO 9100.

    However you build your WORKsmart fleet management solution, it'll be ready to use out of the box - and will offer immediate return on investment.

    To find out how thousands of TomTom customers have achieved ROI in less than 9 months, fill out your details in our contact form.

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