Time management

Get better transparency of your mobile workforce in the field using WORKsmart™ fleet management to track the working hours and driving time of individuals and groups.

  • Working time

    WORKsmart fleet management gives you an accurate, actual-time record of your employees' working hours. Which means that you can oversee patterns of work, organsise overtime and keep costs down. Use this data with your payroll and billing systems to reduce administration time. Show it to your customers so that they know how long was spent on a particular job. And you can even use it to prove that you comply with employee working time laws.

  • Driving time

    You might think it's hard to keep track of your drivers when they're out and about. But, with WORKsmart fleet management it's simple - drivers press a single button to register their business, commuting and personal mileage. This data shows you how many hours driving your employees have done over a week so that you can monitor working patterns and look for opportunities to reduce costs. Combining this information with your billing system will give you completely transparent invoices.

  • Remote download digital tachograph

    Why wait for a truck to return to the depot? WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager gives you access to digital tachograph information in real-time from any PC. Download digital tachograph data remotely, archive and analyse driving time and resting periods more efficiently and ensuring compliancy.

  • WORKsmart™-Time

    Manual time sheets are a hassle and they leave real room for error. But using a WORKsmart-Time fleet management solution, tracking mileage and time spent on the road is simple. Mobile field workers simply tap the screen of their TomTom PRO device to report their working time. And with the TomTom LINK device they don't even need to do that as it sends live information continusouly to WEBFLEET. Do your staff travel in teams to the job-site? That's fine as our Remote LINK Working Time makes it easy for them to record their time on site.

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