Vehicle tracking / Fleet tracking

Get real-time access to important driving behaviour and vehicle data with TomTom's vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions. Find out which employee is closest to a new assignment and respond to developments faster and more effectively. Vehicle (fleet) tracking also allows you to monitor your fleet's speed, location, mileage and fuel consumption information - helping you to discover new cost saving opportunities. Our solutions enable businesses to make smarter and better-informed decisions, and improve overall efficiency of your fleet.

  • Track vehicles in real time with vehicle (fleet) tracking

    Our WORKsmart™-Track vehicle tracking system can improve your efficiency and help identify opportunities to save money. By delivering accurate real-time data about all your vehicles in your fleet and staff, the system enables you to record speed, mileage and fuel consumption as well as monitor compliance with working-time guidelines. The system remembers the location of your vehicles for up to 90 days, helping with proof of delivery and giving you a better understanding of your fleet's movements.

    TomTom LINK – Vehicle (fleet) tracking
  • Tracing your vehicles

    Our vehicle tracking and fleet tracking solutions trace and record every movement of each vehicle in you fleet for up to 90 days. Our "Snail trail" vehicle tracking feature provides you with an immediate insight into a vehicle's movements and driving style. This can help you to spot patterns and anomalies to gain a clearer understanding of your fleet's movements.

    WEBFLEET – Vehicle and fleet tracing
  • WORKsmart™ makes your fleet greener

    WORKsmart™-Track vehicle tracking delivers the information you need to reduce fuel usage, costs and minimise environmental impact. Accurate, immediate information enables you to monitor CO2 emissions, driving style, speed and idle time - and helps you to identify opportunities to limit risks and improve safety.

  • In-depth vehicle (fleet) tracking

    WEBFLEET saves administration time and money by allowing you to create accurate reports from data captured by your fleet's vehicle tracking systems. Compile trip reports, driving times, private mileage and other information to generate useful reports. Flexible data formats allow you to view information your way - generate PDF lists of travel times or CSV files to merge with existing data in your salary administration package.

    WEBFLEET Dashboard
  • WORKsmart™-Track

    With the WORKsmart™-Track solution you'll benefit from WEBFLEET®. This web based service gives business management and operations the right information to make better decisions. Choose to equip your vehicle with TomTom LINK, or go for the PRO 9150. We're happy to recommend which will work best for you. Just fill in the contact form to get advice from us, or one of our business partners.

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