Environmental responsibility

WORKsmart™ fleet management can help you to encourage more efficient driving across your business, reducing your company's carbon footprint while also cutting costs.

  • Eco-friendly

    Speeding and stop-start driving can be a significant drain on fuel. That's why TomTom WORKsmart-Eco has been designed to help you to improve driving style across your fleet. You can get information on speed, carbon footprint and idle time of each of your vehicles direct to your computer. Set KPIs as part of your green driving policy and measure the performance of both groups and individuals using TomTom fleet management.

    WEBFLEET Dashboard - Carbon footprintWEBFLEET - Total fuel consumption
  • Optimized vehicle usage

    Drivers with a TomTom PRO device will travel fewer miles and use less fuel on each journey than those without. This is because they benefit from the best, most efficient routing available. Back in the office, you can schedule work more effectively, using TomTom fleet management to reduce unnecessary mileage and idle time across the fleet. And of course, that's not only good for the environment, but also for your bottom line.

  • Socially responsible

    You'll want to reduce your carbon footprint and safeguard your employees. Fortunately with TomTom Telematics, you can do both. Our fleet management systems allow you to monitor and track driving styles across your workforce and discourage speeding, quick acceleration, harsh braking and other behaviors that are a threat to both safety and the environment.

    WEBFLEET Dashboard - Excessive speedingWEBFLEET Dashboard - Driving events
  • WORKsmart™-Eco

    You determine how green your business is and how much money you will save. is fully flexible in the choice of hardware. If you're serious in your ambitions to become green you would want to measure your performance, that's why the WEBFLEET Dashboard is an essential part of the solution. It provides clear KPI's on mileage and for you can see the impact of your smart dispatching and other efforts made to reduce costs and carbon in your organization.

    You can read more on how your business can turn green in 2 steps in our green fleet white paper. Or simply leave your details and we'll tell you why we think you can save at least 8% of your fuel cost.

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